Welcome to Circuitry Fitness

Complete Fitness Training – Avalon Beach, NSW

We’re a personal training studio designed to offer complete fitness training to people of all ages and fitness levels. Whether you’re looking for sport-specific, high-intensity training or post-operative rehabilitation, we can help support you.

We have a fully equipped gymnasium situated halfway between the beautiful Whale and Avalon beaches. The fitness trainer has access to their pools, parks, sand dunes, and adjoining roads and paths.

Circuitry is run by Avalon local Tom Warren and his team of personal trainers. Tom does not employ a “boot camp” style of fitness training; rather, he and his fully qualified trainers use the “progressive overload” technique. This technique first takes time to establish a new client’s existing level of fitness, respecting any existing injuries or health conditions, and then progressively overloads the client towards an increased level of health and fitness. Yes, we will push you, but in a controlled and safe manner.