Group Training

Groups are best for people who are more confident or experienced with their own fitness training skills and are looking for a fun, convenient workout a couple of times a week, or more!Each group fitness training class is fully supervised and although you don’t get the same kind of personal attention as in a one on one session, there is still no room for slacking off!

Our group classes follow a “time-dosed interval training” format. This means that even though everyone in the class moves around the circuit in the same pace, individuals are still working at their own intensity level. There is no (official) competition between people in the class so you can work as hard or as easy as you like.

Personal notes are taken on everyone’s performance and intensity levels are increased wherever the trainer thinks it appropriate, therefore avoiding stagnation in your training.

A variety of equipment is utilised in our group circuit classes (Treadmill, upright bike, heavy boxing bag and gloves, free weights, medicine balls, leg extension/hamstring combo machine, rowing machines, bench press, e.t.c.) and you would want to have some experience with these if you were to join one of these classes.

If you haven’t had experienced with most of these, or if it has been quite a while since this experience, it might be best to arrange a personal training session or two before you jump into to the group classes.

This will allow your trainer to not only familiarise you with the equipment and the correct technique involved with using it but also to assess your current level of fitness before you proceed.

We also are now happy to offer “ladies and bubs” classes which are held in the Avalon Bulldog’s clubhouse at 9:30am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. These still give you a really good workout but also allow the freedom to keep your eye on your newborn or toddler while you workout…

Not as equipment intensive but be ready for lots of leg and butt work!