Sports Massage

In 1996, Tom accepted a friends invitation to join her in doing a swedish massage course. At first, he saw it as just simply rubbing oil into someone’s skin, but soon he started to appreciate the effect that this ‘rubbing’ was having on the different layers of the human being. Not just the skin, but the muscles, the nerves, the stored fat, the blood vessels, the organs, the bones, the digestive system, the ligaments, the cartilidge, the tendons, the senses and the mind. This ignited a latent interest in not only what the body was but how it worked.

Tom then studied under the late, great, Ivor Stokes who was running his private massage college from his clinic at Paradise Beach. After this, Tom went on to study many other different forms of massage including Lomi Lomi and Trigger Point Therapy.

It was the next five years of full time massage therapy that inspired Tom to enrol at UTS and go on to complete the Bachelor of Human Movement Studies in the hope of taking his therapy skills to the next level.

Tom now focuses most of his time helping people to help themselves through fitness training but is still available for remedial massage depending on his availability.